How does it work?

Traditional compliance programs are fear-based, reactive, low-tech, inflexible and top-down in nature. Our approach is rooted in cutting-edge technology that facilitates automation, two-way communication and access to data for real-time decision-making.

Built for the cloud and with a mobile-first attitude, the Protect It platform will comfortably fit into your organization’s everyday operations. We use a hybrid delivery engine for content through Mobile, SMS, Video, Chat and in App Messaging.

Safety is not dictated from the top down. Safety communication needs to flow up and down your organization. The Protect It solution combines best-in-class EHS with a two-way communication platform that engages all members of an organization.

At Protect It we understand that one size doesn’t fit all, so we allow you to customize our portal solution to fit your organization’s unique structure and needs. From your training requirements to policies and procedures and everything in between, Protect It will adapt for you.

A good safety program is not static. It is living, breathing and constantly evolving. It is critical that all iterations are available for future reference, making it easy to keep impeccable employee records. Protect It will ensure both your current and legacy data stays safe and accessible at all times.

Cloud EHS Platform